Integrated turnkey solutions for 3D printing / AM

A wide range of possibilities in additive manufacturing

You have a special product or service in mind where 3D printing may play an important role and you are uncertain of the options that may exist? Here, an external view from a 3D printing specialist with Integrated turnkey solutions can be the missing link to set up your project on the right track.

The world of 3D printing is complex as there are so many different choices. e.g. the right material, printer platform, post process, data generation and distribution of data etc. You may be surprised that some “less expensive” platform combined with a special post treatment may already achieve exactly the quality and material characteristics you are looking for.

Taking a holistic perspective

for success in 3D printing

When it comes to 3D printing, we can holistically and independently consult you and help you to compare technologies which by first glance may be hard to compare.

This includes a cost analysis depending on your production quantity for your complete physical and digital process from

  • Data generation for printing,
  • Data distribution,
  • Material selection,
  • Printer selection,
  • Post processing and automation to
  • your final product.

Ask us about integrated turnkey solutions

An independent view in the first place will ensure your future success economically and also sustainably.

No worries – a first talk has often led to a series of promising steps.