Consulting and Implementing

In the end, it’s all about your success in additive manufacturing!

With our many years of background in Additive Manufacturing you can benefit from our wealth of experiences, which may prevent you from making wrong decisions. Not only the identification of a promising business models but also the concept of realization will have a major impact on future success. To produce nice presentations and graphs is only one element of consulting. We see a higher benefit for the customer by developing a common and unique program for implementation and realization. For this we feel responsible together with our customers and also like to be held accountable. It is not only consulting, but further more implementing competence. Consequently, we do not only consider ourselves as a consultant but also as an implementer.

Benefits of independent process analysis

An example of connecting various printers and choices of materials to a common platform…

With implementing an agile MES-System for resource-planning, instant-pricing and documentation demands the customer was able to reduce manual labor and avoid mistakes which formerly was resulting in long lead-times and missing transparency. The selection process of the software was aimed to meet the customer demands and to integrate within the existing software-landscape.

How to assist you...

“With Timm’s support, we implemented a digital workflow in Additive Manufacturing which helped us to automate manual and recurring labor and leveraged an end-to-end workflow to improve project service documentation. With his deep knowledge in 3D software and processes, we introduced a deeper understanding in design related workflows for AM within our team”.

Ken Kisner (Head of Digital Innovation at Henkel)