3D scan to CAD for better data use

Scan a physical part and generate data with the parametric intelligence you later need!

Everyone working with 3D-scanned objects, knows this problem. The part has been scanned and has to be fixed after to repair defects and to make it “watertight”. That needs manual effort. But if you like to onwards use the triangulated data within the format stl or 3mf, the headache just begins. The “stupid” data cannot be imported easily into an assembly. The management inside a PLM or PDM system is tedious, design modifications and enhancements are almost impossible. How would it be, if you would get back within a very short period of time data which you could process easily, which is commonly refered to as “3D scan to CAD”? In a format like step, igs or even native in SolidWorks?

What you have to do for it, is very straight forward:

How to get CAD files back in unmatched lead times:

Whether prismatic or organic shapes – B-Reps are needed for later processing!
  • Under contact you upload one or better more pictures from the object to be scanned with a relation to its size (by placing a measure on the picture such as a ruler or adding this information inside the message field). Please also make a statement in regards of the surface of the part.
  • We will answer within a short time with a quote or price information.
  • You make your decision. If we agree on the service, you will send us the part.
  • Upon receipt, we will 3D-scan the geometry and repair possible mal-surfaces and corrupt areas. Already now, you would have access to a triangulated model as 3mf or stl thru our download page.
  • If you prefer “intelligent” data, we will perform a reverse engineering (re-design of the data for CAD). With prismatic shapes, you will receive step or iges data along with a native SolidWorks format. Or with freeform or more complex geometries, you will receive a B-Rep file as stp or igs. Also, obj or other formats can now easily be generated.
  • After reviewing the data, you will be receiving the physical part back from us.

fast digitization of your physical parts

Data quality is our motivation!

Ask for a quote now and be convinced from our services and experiences we achieved over the last years.

Various projects with a large number of satisfied customers gives you the security that you will receive data that can be reused without problems with later changes and revision management!

How can we digitize your next project? A customer testimonial.

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