Workshops & innovation strategies

New business concepts with applying 3D printing – A “game changer” for many industries

Also, for conventional businesses 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing becomes more and more important. There are merely no industries and businesses which will be untouched by 3D printing. Who would have thought 20 years ago, that even houses, in-vitro implants or rocket engines are 3D printed nowadays? This is how quickly 3D printing changes the way we do business and apply new processes, especially with the rapid progress being made in reducing the costs per print and piece. Completely new business cases have been evolved in customizing the clients needs and offering designs which are impossible to produce with other types of manufacturing. The benefit comes with adopting the design to account for part-consolidation, functional-integration, combing different materials, minimizing storage-costs by printing on-demand or for complex tooling.

Let us unwrap the chances which 3D printing consists of with our workshops & innovation strategies.

Utilizing the potential of 3D printing with new innovation strategies

and motivating your team to think “additive” by tailored workhops for your business

If you like to have a deep dive into the possibilities of 3D printing and unlock your team’s potential by considering new ways Additive Manufacturing is offering, we offer creative workshops centred around your specific industry, business case and possible process chain involving 3D printing. These workshops & innovation strategies can include steps like:

  • Explore trip
  • Brainstorming and creativity
  • Understand 3D printing better
  • Mapping 3D printing and fit to your business case
  • Potential data model and process chain
  • Next steps in making it reality, SWOT analysis

Getting to terms with 3D printing - your first or next step can be easy!

If you are curious in what 3D printing can offer for your future business cases, pick our brains. Or take a look at our workshops & innovation strategies. We know about the possibilities and limitations of 3D Printing.