3D printing for the finest details

Flexibility in materials and the highest geometric demands – something for micro-stereolithography!

If you need finest details and highest surface quality with demanding inner structures you are at the right place here. This applies if you like to prototype a specific geometry or even manufacture in higher volume for end-customer use. With a wide range of different materials we can process models which have the look and feel of injection-moulded parts, not compromising on your freedom in design.

3D Printing: Structures which can't be made otherwise than with stereolithography

An unmatched story of success for features like filigrane inner structures and channels

With analysing the geometry we make sure that we achieve the best possible results and may offer assist with slight modifications to improve printability for serial production. Ok, the size of these parts is limited to just a human fist with a maximum length of 200mm, but large parts are not the domain of this printing process. It is all about finest details and structures. And the fine surface quality comes with it for free. Also, you can use our parts as a master for silicone-casting / vacuum casting. This service we can offer through our network of suppliers / partners.

3D Printing

An alignment on your goals will gurantee a perfect match later
  • Check if we can print your geometry with these allowances / thresholds:
    wall thickness 0.1-0.2mm depending on the material, internal channels / structures with a diameter of 0.5mm depending on the material,
    Maximum size (XYZ) of 82x63x200mm.
  • and meet your material demands – a resin (thermoset) – with material characteristics up to:
    Shore hardness approx. 80A
    Bending strength (anisotropic) approx. 65MPa
    Elongation at break up to approx. 8%
    Modulus of elasticity approx. 3000MPa
  • Now, you can either upload your 3D file in any format or send us the file as an attachment from your email account. You will receive a price or quote within 24 hours from us.
  • If you are ok with the offer, we will print your part within 72 hours depending on your material selection and send it to your address. With higher volumes and a strategic interest in finding a new supplier, we will also send you samples before you order in larger quantities.
  • We can also offer you a geometry quality check with a QA report if desired. This can also include other test reports conducted by our partner-network, such as medium resistance.

So, what are you waiting for?

If you have high demands for fine details and high surface quality,
please get in touch with us.