Replacement of a CNC part (alu) with 3D printing (polymer)

Cost saving by a modified design for a 3D printed part

Many, also complex parts are traditionally CNC-milled. Especially with complex parts the setup costs and demands on the machine architecture are high. This results in high machine hour rates and high material consumption. Specifically, in those cases 3D printing pays off. Additionally, if Aluminium or some types of steel can be replaced by polymers, a new field for 3D printing can be explored that contributes to cost saving effects. The external view on your parts and processes with a potential re-design for additive manufacturing (DfAM) can give a push for future projects.

With the identification of candidates, we can use different instruments. Conventionally, this concept can consist of onsite workshops and training programs, in which we jointly define with your mechanical designers and CAD-engineers suitable criteria and KPIs for re-designing the part. For example, by using new 3D-software which may have been formerly unknown to you. Alternatively, data-analysis can be applied before by looking at your data from your ERP- and / or PDM-databases in order to shortlist suitable candidates. With our analysis, we collaboratively define which metadata we would like to utilize. In cooperating with a partner from AI analytics we are able to access numerical methods.

A possible procedure can look like this:

We assist you on your journey to accomplish “additve mastership”
  • Possible pre-analysis of your (meta-)data inside a PDM- / PLM- or ERP-system for identifying parts
  • An onsite-Workshop for identifying manufacturing parts
  • Re-designing parts together in relation to different material options
  • External or internal sourcing
  • Measuring, testing and integration of the part with documenting the results

It is the easiest to make an appointment with us for an online call to discuss and initiate such a project. Do not hesitate – the success rate of these sort of projects deliver a clear picture and can result in a quick ROI.


3D printing – a logical next step