Benchmarking software for 3D printing

with ongoing support when new software is implemented

Benchmarking (and implementing) 3D software for 3D printing may be a key area to win a business case in 3D printing and to improve your future efficiency. This is where software consulting for Additve makes sense. The market is undergoing huge changes with new players and start-ups competing with well-established vendors from the old CAD- or PDM- / ERP-space in the domain of 3D printing. Sometimes conventional software is not made for 3D printing.

So, even running niche-applications different from your main software-systems may make sense, but only if not establishing an extra silo. To integrate this niche application into your existing software landscape and workflows can be a challenge. This need and the intransparency of the 3D software marketplace in general makes it hard to identify a best-fit solution. In the end, you as a customer like to find a strategic and functional fit within your digital process chain to comply with your established end-to-end workflow.

There is little room for redundancy, in-efficiency and loss of data when dealing with interfaces. With Rest-APIs and standard CAD data-interface problems can be avoided. And you may be in a better position to handle data being passed on from one application to another.

Benchmark projects with special attention to your KPIs and agreed-on criteria

Multiple players on the market tell different stories. We provide clarity!

We have successfully conducted several benchmarking projects in 3D printing with paying special attention to your individual criteria, installed software landscape and legacy data. This was in areas (but is not limited to) as

  • CAD (Computer Aided Design) / PDM (Product Data Management)
  • CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing: build prep and slicing)
  • MES (Manufacturing Execution System)

Our service- / software-consulting does not end with the benchmarking and selection process, but also assists with implementing new software into your workflow by taking care of data transfer (interfaces), digitisation, training and adoption within your team.

effective consulting - a customer statement!

If efficiency is important to you and you like a well-structured and documented approach in selecting the best-fit solution, then let’s get in contact.

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